Corporate Profile

Established in 1959, Chong Lee Leong Seng (CLLS) started out as a formalised joint venture between Chong Lee, an equipment importer, and Chop Leong Seng, a local distributor. The Company was then mainly in the business of distributing Yanmar diesel engines in Singapore and Malaysia only.

Over the years, CLLS has built a sound reputation that is founded on trust and friendship alliance. Holding firmly to our traditions while growing to embrace new exciting changes readily, CLLS has today evolved into a full fledge engineering equipment trading company, which is recognised as one of the leading industrial players.

In 1990, CLLS became a public non-listed company with global reach across countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Philippines and the Indo-China region, a testament to our 50 years of stellar accomplishments. With expansion plans that boast of the entire Asia blueprint, we are focused on developing our marketing and distribution channels, while forging long-lasting relationships with our clients and associates.

The Company places great value on our people, the greatest asset of the organisation. As the driving force behind the Company’s success, CLLS seeks to empower our people through continuous training and bonding. Simply because our performance hinges on every member in this big family.

CLLS Directors

Corporate values

  • 1. Our people are our assets.

    We believe in nurturing every single talent within the organisation by providing them with training and progression opportunities, so that they are able to reach their maximum career potential.

  • 2. We optimise the use of technology.

    We harness technological advancements to produce cutting edge engineering products that are functional and durable.

  • 3. We value trust and honesty.

    Our reputation is founded on trust. As a long-term player in this industry, we place great value on building sincere relationships with our customers and associate as we travel side by side down this journey.


Over the years, CLLS has accomplished several significant achievements that have marked our success as a leading engineering equipment company.

  • 1983: We adopted the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system to increase the Company’s productivity.
  • 1990: We achieved ISO certification, which is a testament to our efficiency and quality. We also attained better documentation control during the process.
  • 1990: We implemented the computerization system and SAP for logistics, administration and sales.
  • 1990: We developed the in-house brand, Tropic.
  • 1990: We widened our footprints by expanding into new markets in China, Taiwan and Philippines.

Our Product Segmentation

CLLS provides various engineering equipment to cater to the needs of a few core industries, offering them timely delivery and premium services. We grow with our partners together along the road of success.

  • Infrastructure Industry – Our extensive civil work experience allows us to provide this industry with a comprehensive range of products such as piping, water meters and valves.
  • Industrial Industry – Armed with in-depth knowledge of the heavy and light industries, we are well-equipped to serve the industry by providing them with power generators and pumps with various functions for specific needs.
  • Construction Industry – We supply construction sites with high quality portable generators and complementary tools, such as rammers, compactors, road cutter.
  • Marine Industry – Our strong reputation in the field renders us the ideal supplier for the marine industry with products and services that comprise ship-building services, water maker, cargo pump and oily water separator.
  • Agricultural Industry – Our agricultural products are known to be functional and durable. These include brush cutters, tillers and high pressure sprayer pump.

Worldwide Offices

In order to help us serve our customers better, we have set up offices in various parts of the world where we can be closer to our customers to meet their needs.